Why We Give Back: Our 2016 Donations

While 2016 was our best year financially at Small Improvements, we don’t believe that our success operates in a vacuum. A cornerstone of our operating philosophy is that we donate 2% of our license revenue to charity.

This year we gave each employee at Small Improvements $3,500 (US) for up to three charities of their choosing. For our employees this is an opportunity to support global and local causes they identify with, such as women’s rights, animal rights, cancer research, or the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

“We’ve always believed in supporting non-profits, and we encourage our employees to make a small difference wherever they can,” said CEO Per Fragemann. “Our annual team-wide charity donation has become one of the company traditions of which I’m most proud.”

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Let’s do some good – an experiment in giving back

What a year! Small Improvements collected $2.9m in license revenues in 2015, that’s an increase of 70% compared to the year before. We’re doing great, and it’s time to give back.

I believe everyone should use their influence, no matter how small, to make the world a better place. We’ve been supporting many non-profits for years by donating free or half-price SI licenses, we’re paying our taxes without looking for odd loopholes, and we’re storing our surplus buffer on an ethical bank — but we felt we can do more. Last year we collectively spent 2% of our annual revenues to charities of our choice.

It was so well received by everyone involved that we’ve decided to do it again, donating $60,000 this time!

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