Webinar: Making Feedback Less Painful

We all know feedback is good for us. Effective feedback, both positive and negative, can help employees keep track of performance, feel more involved in the workplace and enhance employee engagement. Yet Gallup reports that, only 13% of worldwide employees are engaged at work.

So how can we leverage feedback to foster better communication and engagement?

Jason Lauritsen explains that most feedback processes fail due to a disconnect in how businesses and employees view the employment relationship. Employees nowadays don’t view work as a contract where compensation is exchanged for manual labor. Instead, they experience work as a relationship. Most approaches to performance management are traditionally designed with a “contract fulfillment” mindset – often at the expense of the relationship.

Join Jason as he explores how we can modify feedback processes by designing them to foster healthy relationships. His “relationship test” will illustrate how traditional feedback approaches have been damaging rather than building relationships, and help us better understand how we can make performance management more human-friendly.

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January 31st, 2017 – 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT

Presenter: Jason Lauritsen is an employee engagement and workplace culture expert who will challenge you to think differently. A former corporate Human Resources executive, Jason has dedicated his career to helping leaders build organizations that are good for both people and profits. http://www.JasonLauritsen.com

The Power of Praise and Peer Feedback

Recently, RedBalloon published a survey about the importance of rewards and recognition at work. They interviewed over 3,000 employees from New Zealand and Australia and the findings can be found in a nice infographic below.


The following infographic is from http://www.redballoon.com.au/corporate/

Small Improvements is recognised with the HRwins badge!

We are very proud and thrilled to be chosen by LAROCQUE, a leading Strategy and GoToMarket Consulting firm for HR related technology and the Human Capital Management Marketplace as one of the ‘2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch‘.


‘When HR Technology Innovates, #hrwins’ is the tagline and reason for the world wide scout of tools. ‘We looked at more than 120 HR Technology Vendors to find the relative few that we feel are Innovating to help HR Win!’ George LaRocque, president of LAROCQUE states.

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The impact of Small Improvements – Guest Blog

We love feedback and this case study has been so impressive, that we want to share it with you. Anita Gisch is an experienced project manager and business consultant with a focus on helping small businesses get the right mix of skills and personalities to get the best results. She is the Managing Director of the Northpoint Training Institute, which focuses on providing practical training solutions in a fun and interactive environment. 

Anita Gisch

I came across Small Improvements about 4 months ago while working with a small IT company. It was introduced as a KPI and performance management system that was going to fix the internal communications issues.

I have to admit that my first reaction was to shake my head and sigh. “Here we go again” I thought. This particular company had a tendency to take on every new program they came across.

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We made it to the HR Tech Europe finals in Amsterdam

It’s another great day at Small Improvements! We’ve been nominated for the finals at HR Tech Europe conference in Amsterdam, taking place 25/26 October. There, we’ll be fighting it out with 5 other great startups for the European HR Tech Award. Here’s who we’re up against:

Gooodjob: Social recruiting by giving employees incentives to tweet your job ads
Hunite: Unified HR processes
Intunex: Connecting and sharing expertise within an organization
Sciomino: Locate experts for any topic within your organization
Talentbin: Recruiting the hidden gems on the net by analyzing posts and tweets

Fortunately we’ve been working on some neat new features recently (to be shipped in about 2 weeks) and a UI overhaul (due in early November, we hope) so that we’ll arrive armed with plenty of fresh ammo!

Here’s the panel of judges (including Bersin&Bersin and Gartner) and the official finalists announcement post. We’re looking forward to it!

And if you want to cheer for Small Improvements (or are simply keen to visit HR Tech Europe) use this promotional code giving you 20% off the full 2 day rate! The code is: IHR2012 (all caps). Just don’t forget to cross your fingers for us 😉