Performance management pain points…

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On October 23rd, in Toronto, we asked attendees of Impact99 HR Summit to tell us their pain points about their performance management process.

“In just a few words, describe the biggest pain point in your current performance review process. If you could have just one wish, what would you improve?”

We had a number of responses and there were similarities in what people are saying. In a future post, we will look at the commonalities and themes from the responses.

11 thoughts on “Performance management pain points…

  1. Tying performance to business results. Managing the work and results not the person. Having competency and career development as the focus of the ongoing conversation.

  2. My biggest frustration is getting everyone to put in the effort and then nothing happens throughout the year as a follow up from the reviews.

  3. Managers’ ability to conduct a difficult performance review discussion. If they weren’t so afraid of it there would be more realistic differentiation amongst employees as they would rate appropriately. Then top performers would feel like they are top a d deadwood would be dealt with accordingly. And engagement would go up!

  4. My biggest pain point with performance management is to make it meaningful. By capturing ongoing feedback, a review can turn into a check in but it does take time and dedication.

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