We made it to the HR Tech Europe finals in Amsterdam

It’s another great day at Small Improvements! We’ve been nominated for the finals at HR Tech Europe conference in Amsterdam, taking place 25/26 October. There, we’ll be fighting it out with 5 other great startups for the European HR Tech Award. Here’s who we’re up against:

Gooodjob: Social recruiting by giving employees incentives to tweet your job ads
Hunite: Unified HR processes
Intunex: Connecting and sharing expertise within an organization
Sciomino: Locate experts for any topic within your organization
Talentbin: Recruiting the hidden gems on the net by analyzing posts and tweets

Fortunately we’ve been working on some neat new features recently (to be shipped in about 2 weeks) and a UI overhaul (due in early November, we hope) so that we’ll arrive armed with plenty of fresh ammo!

Here’s the panel of judges (including Bersin&Bersin and Gartner) and the official finalists announcement post. We’re looking forward to it!

And if you want to cheer for Small Improvements (or are simply keen to visit HR Tech Europe) use this promotional code giving you 20% off the full 2 day rate! The code is: IHR2012 (all caps). Just don’t forget to cross your fingers for us 😉

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